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  • Make Me a Promise – Stay Consistent

    Make me a promise

    Before we go further with this relationship, I want you to make me a promise. After that, make me two more promises, but the first is the biggie. Raise your right hand and swear to me:

    I will be consistent.

  • YouTube for English Lessons – The Ugly Betty Approach

    Here we learn a simple, free, and fun way to learn English using YouTube

  • Facebook Pages – Does Your Business or Organization Get It?

    The world of Facebook Pages is populated by the Get Its, the Kinda Get Its, and Don’t Get Its. In this entry I’d like to briefly sum up these three users of Facebook Pages and give you some pointers on how you can join the Get Its!

  • How LINE is Changing How I Communicate

    LINE is booming. The free messaging and free calling app for smartphones (with desktop version after the user registers with a phone) simply called LINE is the currently biggest thing going in the app world in Asia, and soon the rest of the world.

  • Using Foursquare for your Business

    smartphone user

    Foursquare is a site and a smartphone app for your iPhone or Android device that allows you to “check in” at pretty much any place on the planet that has a name. This can be a service, store, park, station, you name it. And it’s pretty big in Japan too.

  • 5 Ways to Have Big Fun While Learning English

    Adult Japanese students of English have a severe inability to have fun. They show up for their lessons fidgeting uncomfortable, smiling nervously, palms sweating. Present them a text and the brow furrows and they assume the attack posture. Where’s the fun?